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Special education includes both academic and non academic training

Academic Training

Academic Training

  • Reading skills
  • Writing skills including pre writing skills
  • Concept learning – Colour, time and number
  • Cognitive skills – Thinking, concentration
  • Memory
  • Language skills – Both receptive and expressive

Non -Academic Training

Non -Academic Training:

  • ADL Training
    • Toilet training
    • Brushing
    • Combing
    • Dressing – Buttoning, Zipping
    • Praying
    • Feeding training – pre eating, eating and post eating
  • Social interaction skills
  • Group play
  • Yoga
  • Academic training is given at 2 levels :

  • 1 . Preprimary (0-2 yrs)

    2 . Primary (2-6 yrs)

    Preprimary level

    • Eye contact
    • Sitting behaviour
    • Rhymes
    • Play occupational therapy
    • Cognitive skills
    • Language skills
    • Behaviour training
    • Prewriting skills

    Primary level


    • Subject wise teaching (Tamil, English & Maths )
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Story telling
    • Functional Mathematics
    • Time concepts
    • Seasons
    • Hand writing

    NIOS Syllabus


    • We provide facilities to write 8th, 10th & 12th Std exams privately under NIOS syllabus.


    Parents who are sending their children to WISDOMMS are encouraged to visit the school prior to enrolment. Please contact the school office to make an appointment. At this meeting we will discuss about certain terms and conditions, which we must follow for every new admission. WISDOMMS is a very popular school so most year groups have waiting lists. An application will only be considered when the appropriate completed forms have been submitted and proof of the child’s date of birth and permanent address provided.

    Parental Involvement

    We welcome parents’ involvement in their children’s learning. There are several forms of involvement already set up in school:

    Parents are asked to comment in younger children’s reading diaries

    • Parents are encouraged to join in with their children’s learning
    • Parents are invited at anytime to discuss their child’s work.


    We have assembly every morning for all the children. Our assemblies are very much related to developing a sense of community, respect for others, caring attitudes and moral values. The assemblies take various forms such as storytelling, sharing, discussion and singing, and on different occasions are led by the staff, the children or visitors. Parents are always free to come to assembly


    At WISDOMMS, we believe that children are happier and more secure in a calm and well disciplined environment. As the children grow we aim to help them develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and others and ultimately achieve a form of discipline that is self-motivated. We celebrate the children’s achievement of good behaviour through reward assemblies. Along with parents, we work to teach children appropriate discipline.


    For parents who wish their children to wear a uniform, we have a colour scheme and also suggestions for the types of clothes which are both smart and practical. It is the responsibility or parents to ensure that children come to school in clean and appropriate clothing. Jewellery should not be worn to school in the interests of Health & Safety.


    Toys should not be brought to school – unless specifically requested by the teacher. Teachers cannot be held responsible for personal property brought to school.

    Health, Safety and Security

    A level of security is maintained within the school to ensure the safety of your child. Access to the school between the school time is via the Main Entrance. Parents of young children are allowed in come in to school to collect their child. Older children are dismissed from the playground. All parents have to play their part if they come in to the school and respect the school and its expectations at all times.

    Food and Drink

    Children may bring a packed lunch in a box. Again, children are expected to be provided with a healthy lunch. Chocolate, sweets, non vegetarian and cakes are not allowed. Fruit, raw vegetables, and Homemade dishes are encouraged. Please note that there are no facilities to heat up a child’s packed lunch. Fruit juice or water may be brought as part of the packed lunch and these should be contained in a leak-proof, unbreakable container


    All children will be given training in proper hygienic practices. Parents have an important role to ensure that all children come to school in clean and appropriate clothes


    There is no need for children to bring money to school unless it is for a specific purpose.

    Child Protection

    The school works in partnership with parents to support children in every way possible. This school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the safety and welfare of children and expects all parents, staff, governors and volunteers to share this commitment. If any of the staff at school have suspicions that children have been abused, we are required to inform the management.

    Emergency Contact

    On occasions we might need to contact you during the day so it is essential that we have current contact telephone numbers. Please keep us informed of changes in your own and/or your emergency contact’s number and address. You may collect an ‘Information. Update’ sheet from the office if there are any changes that need to be brought to our attention.